AI processes have the ability to analyse trends, determine new niches and create a storytelling, data-driven content which can attract followers and generate engagement
AI-powered SMM platform
AThere are over 600 million blogs in the world today
And it is extremely hard to create and grow a successful one
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Difficulties of creating a successful blog
To create catchy content is a difficult and a hit-and-miss process
It’s hard to be and stay trendy
A new trend is hard to define, measure and analyse
The most blogs die after 100 days
The human factor can be a huge liability
Automatically publish
Creates content
Constantly improving content
text –> image –> short video –> long video –> AR –> VR
Interact with and engage followers 24/7 in comments, direct messages, messengers, streaming
interaction and promotion due to followers feedback analytics
How an SMM platform works

Difference between bloggers and AI-blogger
Subjective regarding trends and content
Big Influencers are extremely expensive
Busy schedule, need to sleep, occasional bad moods
The human factor can be a huge liability
More objective due to big data analytics
Affordable and more effective due to data-driven network of blogs
24/7 communication with followers, always pleasant and gets better with feedback
Doesn’t enjoy a rock star life-style, doesn’t need a big production team
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