Transforming the way you create and engage with content, powered by cutting-edge AI technology
Unleash the Power of Creativity with Pygmalion
At Pygmalion, we're redefining the boundaries of art and technology. Established with a vision to revolutionize the content landscape, we seamlessly blend the intricacies of artistic expression with the power of cutting-edge AI technology.

What We Do:
We offer state-of-the-art tools that empower creators to automate content creation and audience analysis.
There are over 600 million blogs in the world today
And it is extremely hard to create and grow a successful one
Predictive Neural Network
Content Autogeneration
Chatbot Interactions
Craft unique and engaging content for your platforms with just a few clicks
Forecast your post's engagement rate and optimize for the best results
Boost your engagement with intelligent chatbots that interact with your audience in real-time
Audience Analysis
Dive deep into your audience's preferences and tailor your content for maximum impact
Difficulties of creating a successful blog
To create catchy content is a difficult and a hit-and-miss process
A new trend is hard to define, measure and analyse
The most blogs die after 100 days
The human factor can be a huge liability
It’s hard to be and stay trendy
How an SMM platform works
Automatically publish
Creates content
Constantly improving content
text –> image –> short video –> long video –> AR –> VR
Interact with and engage followers 24/7 in comments, direct messages, messengers, streaming
interaction and promotion due to followers feedback analytics
Difference between bloggers and AI-blogger
Subjective regarding trends and content
Big Influencers are extremely expensive
Busy schedule, need to sleep, occasional bad moods
The human factor can be a huge liability
More objective due to big data analytics
Affordable and more effective due to data-driven network of blogs
24/7 communication with followers, always pleasant and gets better with feedback
Doesn’t enjoy a rock star life-style, doesn’t need a big production team
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